Derek Stewart of The Potted History Of...
Derek Stewart, Scribbling Hack

Hello there.

Write a blurb about me, they say! Ooer! Not much to say about me - I'm just me! Nothing special, just a penniless writer scribbling away in an attic in an attempt to emulate his favourite writers (Leslie Charteris, John Wyndham, Ian Fleming, Peter Lovesey, Steve Harris...), and make a name for himself. That's the upper portion of my mug above. Click on it to go to my own site - if you want!

I am now the grand old age of 60, am married to Judith, and have six children (Shelley, Stephanie, James, Daniel, Brett and Curtis), five grandsons (Jason, Kaiden, Levi, Oliver and new addition Handsome Man... em, I mean, Freddie), three granddaughters (Skye, Chloe and Aivah), and another one on the way! We'll soon take over the world!

I attended the North School, the Academy, and Banff and Buchan College (all in Fraserburgh, Scotland), then Aberdeen University (in... em, Aberdeen!), and Robert Gordon University (which is also in the granite city), studying various subjects, including English Literature, Creative Writing, Philosophy... I came away with a BA in Publishing and Journalism - it makes me a BA-Heid! LOL! (Groan - I didn't write LOL did I?)

I went on to become a journalist in several local papers, being temporary editor on two (oh, the heady heights! I even had my own tea mug - but I was still the mug who had to MAKE the tea!).

Over the past ten years or so I have been a 'ghost writer' for many, many other writers, earning a pittance for a hard year's slog! I have now decided to 'follow my dream', as they say (whoever THEY are!), and concentrate on doing what I like doing the most: write my own books, especially Crime & Thrillers and Horror/Weird fiction.  All small things, but mine own! Some are on Kindle - Cheap as a chip!

BrightSpark Publishing, the small Scottish publishing house, are my chosen publisher. Under the expert eyes of Judith Edwards and Bruce Dickie, I have just published my first non-fiction book: The Potted History Of... The Persuaders! (Available here - HINT HINT!)

I plan to publish 'The Rag and Bone Man' - a Police Procedural based in the North East and North of Scotland - early next year. I am working on two others: a Crime/Sci-Fi/Fantasy crossover called The Brain Drain - about a 6 foot 12 inch man who isn't quite human, who is battling his fellow 'Sempitern', a Freak Show Ring Master called 'The Abominable Showman', who is planning to subjugate the Earth; and a Horror called 'Softness Turns to Fury', with the Greek Goddess Nemesis as the baddie and an eighty year old comatose man as the hero. I hope to have them done by the end of next year.

I have been and always will be a huge fan of Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, Peter Wyngarde, Patrick Macnee - and most of the other ITC stalwarts! As well as Hywell Bennet, David Jason, Anthony Valentine, Patrick Allen - and loads more besides! In music I prefer people who can actually SING: such as John Denver, Glen Campbell, Neil Sedaka, Suzy Bogguss...

You can visit me at and drop me an email. I will reply.

Well, That's All Folks! (Copyright Warner Bros - used without permission! LOL! Oh, there I go again!)