Frequently asked questions

Can I make a book proposal?

Too right you can! Just email The Potted History Of... with the idea - at, appropriately enough, ideas@thepottedhistoryof.co.uk. We'll contemplate it, and if it's 'our bag' you may be a 'Potted History' author soon! Good luck. We look forward to reading it - and maybe publishing it!

Where is my book?

If it has already been published, it should be in your eager hands within a week or so of your order being placed (Royal Mail willing!). If, however, it isn't, give us a shout and we'll check up on it - Proof of Posting will be kept for all orders, which should safeguard all concerned. If it hasn't been published yet but you have placed the order in readiness, then have a look at any estimated date of publication on the website blurb. It will be sent out ASAP after that publication date - we want all our books to be 'just so' and won't rush them out just to get the sales. We want you all to be delighted with them. And thanks for your patience. The Ed.