AUTHOR: Derek Stewart.




...An insidious menace that taints the entire population of the globe: addicts’ families must suffer some of the disgrace; targets of crimes committed by junkies desperate for a fix must feel the pain; while the users of the iniquitous narcotics themselves, who are more to be pitied than pilloried, must forever bear the stigma attached to such a social No-No, even were they to get ‘clean’!

Faithlie is a Scottish fishing town where deaths, ruined lives, and general drug-related mayhem is spreading like wildfire. Grampian Police know that one man is behind it all, yet they are impotent to act, for he shields his identity so well: by hook or by murder! As Liam ‘Basil’ Brush, recovering addict and petty thief, didn’t live to tell: after innocently snatching £250,000 from the drug baron, he is tracked, brutally murdered and incinerated.


Gawayne Brigand (the ‘hero’ of the piece, who was engaged  in computer larceny in France), hears the news and decides to avenge his lifelong friend. But the self-styled ‘White Knight’ has troubles of his own. In Paris, he met Jacqueline, his own ‘Damsel in Distress’: an evil man, whom she blames for her papa’s death, is hounding her. This gangster orders his goons to silence them both for good.

If the duo survive, they must clear up Basil’s case, assisted only by Jock (who raised Gawayne since his mum vanished during his second birthday party and his dad was murdered in front of him).

But as Gawayne gets into the case, he discovers that his mother’s disappearance, his dad’s murder, Liam’s murder, the area’s drug problems (and soon some serious trouble befalling Jacqueline and Jock) are inextricably linked in a maze of murder, mayhem, mystery... And mirth.


The wannabe White Knight must deliver Jock and Jacqueline from the spider’s web of evil, avenge his dad and Basil, discover the mystery behind his mum’s disappearance, and break the drugs’ ring - without being killed himself! Only then can the duo return to France and settle some scores.


But whoever said life was that easy?




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