AUTHOR: Derek Stewart.



ISBN: 978-1-908295-14-9.


The Persuaders! (for those born on Mars) was UK TV and Film studio ITC’s early-1970s flagship series, starring the legendary, remarkable and ‘dishy’ dream duo of Tony Curtis and Roger Moore as Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair, playboys who are transformed from wastrels to crimefighters by Judge Fulton (Laurence Naismith).

It ran for just one series, but during its 24 carat gold 24 episodes it garnered fans aplenty, becoming THE classic of its genre – then and forever!

Here - in a perfect-bound full colour book of A4 satin art paper pages - and all in bite-sized independent chunks, you can read all you need to know – and a lot you really needn’t but will love learning! – about the sensational series, with mini-bios of its stars, co-stars, rundowns of every episode, its writers, its cars, its music, its true genesis…


Och, and much MORE!


Buy one and see - you will ENJOY!


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The Persuaders!

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